The Impact Mk III Amplifier

The ValveTone Impact Mk III  is an all-valve guitar amplifier with a clean power output of 2-watts. The Impact can be used at low volume
levels, without sacrificing tone. It is suitable for home practice, rehearsal and recording. The Impact uses a pair of NOS
( new-old-stock )
6F4P or 6DX8 output valves and a 12AX7 preamp valve. The 6F4P/6DX8 valves are only available as a NOS type - they are no longer
manufactured, but ample stocks are still available in Australia and overseas.

Impact amplifiers are hand-built, one at a time, using traditional point to point wiring techniques. Construction is on a diecast aluminium
box, with the external components exposed - a presentation unlike most other amplifiers.

This 'naked chassis' can be installed in a protective sleeve or headshell using the cage nuts and mounting bolts already
fitted to the amplifier base.

The main front panel controls are Volume, Tone and Master. In addition there is a 3-position Gain switch and a 3-position Bright switch
These extra switches can be used with the main controls  to create a wide tonal range,  both clean and overdriven.  There is also a
socket on the back panel labelled "FSW". A click-on click-off footswitch can be connected to this socket to produce a fixed amount of
gain boost. Note: A footswitch is not supplied with the amplifier.

Most effects pedals can be used successfully with Impact amplifiers.

An Impact amp will drive any guitar speaker box, from a single 6-inch speaker to a 4 x 12 quad. It can be used with any load impedance
from 4 to 16 ohms, but 
 the optimum load is 8 ohms.  Clean output power is 2 watts into 4 or 16 ohms,  slightly more into an 8 ohm load.

The amplifier can be operated safely without a speaker.  If there is no speaker plugged into the speaker socket,  an internal resistor
 becomes the amplifier load. This allows the line out socket to be used to drive a larger amplifier, or for a direct input to a mixing desk.

A 12AX7 preamplifier valve is supplied with the Impact,  but any other valve in the 12A*7 family ( 12AT7, 12AU7, 12AY7, 5751 ) can be
used in this position - changing the valve type will alter the gain and may also change the tone. A spare set of 6F4P/6DX8 output valves
is supplied with each amplifier, because these are not as readily available as more standard audio types.

There are a number of threads on the "Australian Guitar Gear Heads" forum with
end-user information from Impact owners, including preferred speakers and links to soundclips.

Impact amplifiers are on display and usually available for immediate purchase at:

        River Music, Windsor

        Tym Guitars, Brisbane

        Music Swop Shop, Melbourne

Intending purchasers who are unable to visit one of the resellers listed above, can buy directly from ValveTone Amplification. The Impact
Mk III amplifier is $375AUD including pack & post to any Australian address.  Impact amplifiers are hand-built, one at a time, so lead
time for delivery is usually about one week. Payment is by direct deposit into our bank account.

The Impact Mk III amplifier has a twelve-month return-to-base warranty on both parts and labor - excluding valves - which have a one
month warranty.

If you require any additional information regarding the Impact Mk III, or any other ValveTone amplifier, please contact us via the email
address at the bottom of this website's home page.

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