All Valve Musical Instrument Amplifiers
Impact Mk III
Master Jim Mk III

Just a brief explanation for anyone who has stumbled upon this site.


ValveTone Amplification  is a  "hobby business"  established in late 2008 with the

objective of designing and hand building low powered, all valve musical instrument

amplifiers - primarily but not exclusively for electric guitar.


The business proprietor ( and sole employee! ) is me, Darryl Hoy.  I built "Scion" valve

amplifiers in Newcastle in the 1970's and early 1980's, so this is a return to where my

career began over thirty years ago.


This website is currently a bookmark which allows people to contact me via the email

address below. Maybe one day it will become more functional, but for now, building

amplifiers is much more fun than building websites.

Update: A new page describing the Impact Mk III amplifier has now been added.

Construction details of my projects can be found at the "Australian Guitar Gear Heads"


I can be contacted by email: darryl at valvetone dot com dot au     I've written this email

address in a form which may stop some spambots. Replace "at" and "dot" with the usual

characters to create the correct address.